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Dubai's historical sites: Hatta
17 Jun 2019 Jawaher Ahmed Al Ali, an archeologist at Dubai Municipality, feels that she is enriching the history of the UAE through her job. "Entering this field was a challenge for me, because we have to be out there in the field, on our feet in the mountains and deserts challenging the weather conditions. This requires lots of patience and attention because if we damage or break any piece of artifact through excavation work, it will result in losing a piece of our valuable history.” The city of Hatta is one of the most important archaeological sites in Dubai. We believe that its fertile land, valleys and water resources made the people of ancient civilisations decide to settle down here.” She added: “We found 52 ancients tombs so far, most of them robbed and collapsed.” Jawaher explained that they excavated jewelry and precious beads in these tombs, in addition to the skeletons. “In Hatta, we also found old drawings on various rocks, as well as the remains of buildings dating back to the late Islamic era, as well as arrow heads made of copper.” Source: Dubai Post